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Modern Alliance
Modern Alliance - Working together to eradicate sexual harassment

Working together to eradicate sexual harassment

About Us

Modern Alliance was a charitable project housed by Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. Active between 2017-2019, we collaborated with people and organizations across different industries to put an end to sexual harassment.  We funded research, original content, and technology platforms that empowered and educated.

Featured Project

Modern Alliance funded New America’s Better Life Lab report on sexual harassment – one of the most comprehensive studies of the subject to date. As part of the landscape analysis, they assembled the #NowWhat toolkit of promising solutions for legal reform, industry- and organizational-level change, worker-led solutions, and individual actions to help prevent and end sexual harassment.

Our Alliance

By supporting groups who tackle different facets of this complex, widespread problem, we stand the best chance to make an impact.  Check out the work of some of our grantees:

For additional resources on sexual harassment, go here.

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