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Modern Alliance
Modern Alliance - Working together to eradicate sexual harassment
Modern Alliance Makes Final Round of Grants

The rise of the #MeToo movement has put sexual harassment at the heart of the agenda for many organizations, industries, and philanthropies. As Modern Alliance identified early on, ending harassment will require a collaborative effort, consolidating the resources, intellect, political power, and passion of those involved. Much has been achieved in these past years, which is why we are taking this moment to make key decisions about the role our organization should play moving forward. 

Modern Alliance was organized as an all-volunteer charitable fund, which gave us flexibility with grant making and allowed us to focus our attention on finding innovative ideas.

We are proud of the work we have done. Over the past two years, Modern Alliance funded films and technology solutions, gave feedback on numerous proposed projects, and fostered connections across industries. We consulted on changes to HR policies, advised victims of harassment, and engaged men in leadership roles about becoming effective change agents in their organizations. 

We approached New America’s Better Life Lab and sponsored the largest landscape research study on sexual harassment to date. The study examined the reasons harassment exists across sectors and offered solutions in an accompanying toolkit. This work informed a series of articles that were featured in Harvard Business Review, Slate, The Atlantic, CNN, and others.

The work we have accomplished thus far has afforded us the opportunity to create many new acquaintances and collaborate with incredible organizations in the fight against sexual harassment. We now believe we can have greater impact by sunsetting Modern Alliance and further partnering with some of these groups that are in need of greater funding and participation to carry on their unique programs.

We are pleased to announce our final Modern Alliance grants to the following initiatives and organizations:

As we move on to new endeavors in support of a more just society, we want to thank the incredible James Higa and his team at Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. They enthusiastically housed our charitable fund, later supported BetterBrave and The Purple Campaign, and continue to embrace big philanthropic ideas. 

We are ever grateful to all of our generous supporters and are confident that the portfolio of initiatives backed by Modern Alliance will move us closer to a future where all workers are valued, supported, and safe.

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